Love is like….

Love is like….

There’s no tomorrow.

Two souls unite forever. 

The rain on a hot summer afternoon. 

The fire on a lazy winter evening. 

The wind on a cozy spring night. 

You can turn the world for her smile. 

Her tears hurt you more than anything else in the world.

Getting relaxed seeing her eyes.

Feeling content tuning to her giggle.

Enjoying listening to all her stupid rants.

Holding up to see her once.

Skipping a heart beat with that first touch.

Being happy without any reason.

Guarding her from a distance.

Caring for her silently.

Loving her with every broken piece of your heart.

Uncommitted Relationship #1

Alec had a phobia with word commitment. In any case, its equitable with the word and not the significance. 

Aura needed commitment, however unwillingly to inquire. 

For Alec, Aura is a great deal more than a priority. He was dependably there before any need of hers. He can read her eyes. Furthermore, she can comprehend him more than he himself could. 

It’s their story – their romantic tale of being as one without commitment.