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Uncommitted Relationship #2 


They were not conversing with each other since few days. Circumstance is somewhat tense between them because of some misconception. In any case, after this, regardless they watch over each other. They work in same office with different portfolios. They always investigate their work areas to see the alternate’s activities and now and again get each other gaze straightforwardly into every others’ eyes.
It’s been coming down like a hurricane for few days. The atmosphere is extremely frosty. Alec was influenced with serious cold and cough with mellow fever. With overwhelming strides, Alec advanced toward his work area. Aura turned upward from her screen and watched him discreetly. She realized what he needs at this moment. His all time favourite Coffee Latte !!!!
Aura immediately completed the process of taking a shot at her presentation and went to the cafeteria. She poured some hot latte from the coffee machine. She went to the workplace entrance and watched Alec conversing with his adjacent associate. She remained there sitting tight for Alec to begin working. Alec signed in to his computer and got engaged in perusing emails. Aura tiptoed towards Alec’s work space, discreetly put the hot latte around his work area and moved away.
Upon reaching her work area, Aura turned and looked Alec tasting his latte. On observing this, a delightful grin flashed on her face. She realized that Alec had still not understood that somebody had kept the coffee around his work area. After two three tastes of his latte, Alec look somewhat confounded and asked his partner about the coffee. His companion looked towards Aura and she motioned him to be calm. Before taking the last taste, Alec understood that no one else with the exception of Aura could do this. He sent her a message on instant messager.
Alec: Hi…. U kept the coffee here ????
Aura: Coffee ??? Wat r u talking about….
Alec: U just realize that I adore this coffee latte and u kept it here observing me experiencing cold…. I know…
Aura: If u know everything, y r u asking me???
Alec: Urrgggghhhh…. U knowing do all this. Never tell the truth….
Aura: M busy…..
Alec talked with his partner about this. His partner told “If you folks see each other so well, why you were not together. After a fight also, she brings coffee seeing you enduring, you hold up outside her door to see her entering home securely. When you look after each other so much, at that point why not committed. Believe me dude, your uncommitted relationship has much more commitment than the so-called committed relationships of today’s generation. You both are soulmates.”

Why people come into our lives ???

​Some people come into our lives for a reason and others for a season. I don’t know for what they come for, i wish i had time machine to know which one is forever and which is just for a while. Whatever we reason it, one thing is clear – we are not the same after they leave. Moreover,  some of them stay with you always – be it memories, heart or mind. They go and never come back but they never go out of our heads. Their words still ring in our heads. Their eyes still stare our face. Their touch still lingers in our skin. Their smile still fresh in our mind. Their tears still unbearably make us guilt. And so on….

Love is like….

Love is like….

There’s no tomorrow.

Two souls unite forever. 

The rain on a hot summer afternoon. 

The fire on a lazy winter evening. 

The wind on a cozy spring night. 

You can turn the world for her smile. 

Her tears hurt you more than anything else in the world.

Getting relaxed seeing her eyes.

Feeling content tuning to her giggle.

Enjoying listening to all her stupid rants.

Holding up to see her once.

Skipping a heart beat with that first touch.

Being happy without any reason.

Guarding her from a distance.

Caring for her silently.

Loving her with every broken piece of your heart.